What Is Web3
For Awww Studio
Awwwie Family NFT Project

Project created for Awww Studio to kick off their mascot through an NFT Project. We created 10000 Awwwie NFTs with 100s of traits and layers to form different characters which users will further be able to use to trade and breed. The project will give perks like AR merch, Metaverse Gaming discounts & more to its holders

Web3 Education
For Web3bharat
Jodhpuri MirchiBada NFT Project

We are partnering with web3bharat for building web3 community and builder hubs pan India. As a token of participation in recent event we created the city’s famous dish into a cool NFT project which further gives various levels of event access to holders

What Is Web3
For Netzero
Green Media Campaign Certificate NFT Project

Certifications and Labels can be fungible, duplicated and used by anyone. To prove authenticity of a certification what’s better than minting an NFT out of it. We created an NFT generator app for Netzero to help them mint certification NFTs for their clients, which further can be used for verification, can’t be reused and remains non-fungible

Build Product Strategy

For Awww Studio

AwwwRa: Get Social in Metaverse

It is a real-time AR enabled social gathering application that allows you to bond with friends, family, colleagues and more. It provides an immersive experience when you’re apart or even when in the same room. Looking for a family get-together, birthday parties or company retreats? AwwwRa has got all your engagement and interaction needs covered in its own universe 

Web3 Consulting Services
For Awww Studio
Commverse: Shopping & Entertainment of Future

We are bringing e-commerce to web3 while providing a self service store creator to brands to set up their physical stores in our metaverse where user can walk-in with their characters and shop and just walk out paying through crypto. The commverse’s vision is to create biggest shopping and entertainment zone on blockchain

What Is Web3
For RJ19 Club
PetRocks NFT Project

We were approached by a talented teenager with a concept to create web3 ecosystem for kids and the first step towards was to create pet rocks which these kids can take care of and grow. The concept will further develop into an L2E and P2E platform for kids